April 22nd, 2011

Lutheran Church of the Resurrection, Huntington Beach, CAから祈りをお届けいたします。

祈り, by admin1.

              A Prayer for Courage and Strength              勇気と力を求める祈

 L:        Gracious God, as we stand in awe of your creation we are humbled by it’s majesty

 and beauty.  We have experienced the silence of falling snow and the rush of mighty winds.

All:      We humbly bow before the wonder of God’s creation.

L:        From the depths, volcanoes spew hot lava and from tiny buds come sweet smelling flowers.

All:      We rejoice in the mighty and the gentle.

L:        But the earth and the mountains shake and the seas rumble with devastating force and power. 

 All:      O God, protect us when things are beyond our control.

 L:        In the midst of trouble and tragedy, fear and confusion, despair and discouragement, we cry to You for help.

All:      O Lord, comfort us with your compassion, healing and love.

L:        For those who have lost loved ones…

All:      Cradle them with the promise of eternal life.

L:        For those who have lost homes….

 All:      Shelter them under you wings of mercy.

 L:        For those who have lost hope….

 All:      Remind them of the promise of new beginnings.

 L:        In our time of grief and doubt…

 All:      Bind our wounds, mend our broken  hearts and banish our fear.

 L:        Let us rejoice in the Lord our God.

 All:      Let us give thanks for the wonder of His creation; for the courage to move on and for the blessings of Abundant and Eternal Life.   Amen

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