December 2nd, 2011

LCR Newsletter 2011年12月号よりの抜粋

活動報告, by admin1.

Friendship Task Force


Friendship Task Force (FTF) congratulates LCR’s Japanese Ministry on their 23rd anniversary. It has been a wonderful and inspiring ministry. The weekend of November 19-20 had several celebrations for theoccasion. Starting things off on Saturday morning, a three-hour seminar was held with Bishop Finck. Under discussion was the future of the ministry, goal setting and the reasons this ministry has worked so well at LCR. One of the reasons mentioned was the successful working relationship between FTF and the Japanese Ministry. Later that evening, a dinner was held atNewport Rib Company (which graciously offered adiscount price). This dinner was attended by bothPastor Itoh and Pastor Tateno and their families who came from Japan to take part in the anniversary celebrations.

On Sunday morning, Pastor Tateno and his familyattended all LCR worship services. Pastor Itoh visited the Lutheran Church in Torrance where he had headed a Japanese Ministry. He returned in time to preach at the LCR Japanese service. After the service, a potluck was held in honor of the Pastors’ visit and in celebration of the anniversary. At that time, a $2000 check waspresented to Pastor Tateno for Japan Disaster Relief in which he plays a big role. This money was profits from the Japan Festival which FTF sponsored in July. Thanks to the generosity of festival attendees (and especially those who purchased raffle tickets), FTF was able to help those who are still in need in Japan. Please remember them in your prayers.


The November Flower Arranging Class was held the afternoon of November 19. This was a fun, but rather somber occasion as it was the last class which will be headed by Mrs. Lin, who will be relocating in the near future. Mrs. Lin was honored with a gift of a floral silk scarf, a matching pin, a floral coin purse, and a note expressing FTF’s thanks for the talent and dedication she has shown in teaching these classes. We wish her Godspeed. FTF will look into finding another instructor and/or begin offering Japanese cooking classes. Watch this column for further information.


Once again, FTF would like to mention the upcoming Cherry Blossom Luncheon which will be held next Spring on April 29. There will be delicious Japanese specialties, gorgeous decorations and special music. Mark your new 2012 calendars now!Pastor Tateno would like to extend his thanks to LCR for welcoming him last Sunday. He also extends his thanks for the donation of $2000 which were the proceeds from this year’s Japan Festival. Pastor Tateno and Pastor Itoh will use this money directly for the people who need a good “neighbor”. He asks us to be a neighbor and stand by those people who are still suffering from the disaster of the Tsunami by remembering them in our prayers. Please follow Pastor Tateno and Pastor Itoh’s volunteer work in Sendai on their blog “neighbor”: You’ll see some pictures of their most updated activities. There is an English translation article at the bottom.



                            Thank you for waiting so patiently! Care Connections Network is almost ready for you.

Thank you everyone for voting to approve the 2012 Care Connections Network (CCN) budget. With this budget, “Club Express”, the internet platform that will manage CCN’s operations, will bepurchased. To provide the best service for you, CCN has been busy connecting with various organizations so it can support and work together with them as partners. Some of CCN’s partners are Huntington Beach Senior Center, Grace Lutheran Care Connections Outreach, Ready OC Disaster Training, the Alzheimer’s Family Service Center and Hoag Hospital Health Ministry. By working together with its partners, CCN will not only provide the most updated health information to its members, but will be able to educate them on how to be their own health care advocate—how to handle any emergency situation. Not only that, CCN can give you localinformation such as “Project S.H.I.P.” Do you know you can get free home safety checks from Huntington Beach Fire Department, and get free smoke detectors if you are over 60 years of age and a citizen of Huntington Beach? This program starts up again in January 2012. (Need more information? Just ask Fumi!) CCN will do much more than just provide you with important information.

What is Care Connections Network?

CCN is a membership organization that helps people “age in place”. We are one-stop shopping for what you need. CCN screens and vets each service providerbefore they are put on the reference list for CCN, so you won’t have to worry about getting the services you need. CCN plans once-a-month educational classes,as well as fun events for older adults.

Who can sign up to be a CCN member?

Anybody who needs help living at home independently. When can I sign up and what is the cost?

Sign-ups will begin in January 2012. If you sign up before April 2012, you will be a charter member and your annual fee will be only $120 per person, or $200 per household. We promise that we won’t raise annual fees of charter members for two years. If you sign up after April 2012, your annual membership fee will be $150 per person, or $250 per household. I don’t think I need CCN yet. OK, would you like to be a CCN volunteer? You’ll get to use your talents to help others!

Who can be a CCN Volunteer?

Anyone who is interested in helping people. We need people to volunteer for providing transportation, watering plants, walking pets, shopping, cleaning, cooking, computer tutoring, ironing, office work, organizing special events and more. CCN will organize a “special volunteer committee” with a “time point” system. If you would like to sign up, email: Fumi Liang

Can I be a member as well as a volunteer?

YES!   You can be a member and a “CCN volunteer” to earn your “time points”! Check the newsletter next month to find out how you can earn valuable points for being a member AND a volunteer!

What’s happening in January?

Our first class is “Memory Boot Camp” on Thursday, January 26 at 11:30 a.m., and is sponsored by the Alzheimer’s Family Service Center. There will be a Japanese Taiko Drum Lesson for ages 55 and older on Monday, January 9 at 1:00 p.m.

Where can I get more information?

Contact CCN Board Members: Diana Meinhold, Fumi Liang, Kanako Kusano, Maryann Rozzelle, Nancy Boren, Tami Day, Ikuyo Hiraguchi.

Are you ready to join us?

Let’s age actively!







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